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Refurbished Amazon Kindle Fire

More a tablet computer than an eReader, Amazon's affordable entrant into the tablet market impresses with a wide range of functionality that put Amazon's line of black and white Kindles to shame.  Find affordable deals on a refurbished Kindle Fire here at the Leader in cheap tablets.

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Why buy refurbished?

The question of whether to buy a new, used or refurbished tablet is always a difficult one to answer.  In the end, it truly comes down a question of how much you're willing to spend, and the quality of the used or refurbished Kindle Fire you have your eyes on.

In many if not most cases, a refurbished Kindle Fire will cost you $50 to $100 less than it would brand new at retail price.  Depending on the particular refurbished device, you may save up to 50% for a Kindle Fire that is for all intents and purposes the very same as the brand new Kindle Fire selling at retail price.

Many refurbished Kindle Fires are open box returns -- meaning that someone bought the tablet new and decided that, for whatever reason, they wanted to return it.  In such cases, the the device can't be billed to customers as 'new,' so instead the retailer must list it as 'refurbished.'  Retailers know that this is the cost of doing business, and will often charge the returning customer a Restocking Fee, helping to mitigate the loss when suffered when the retailer must turn around and sell the Kindle Fire in a refurbished state.

In other cases, a refurbished Kindle Fire might have had a defect or cosmetic blemish.  Be sure to read the fine print of any refurbished listing before you click the "Buy" button.  Chances are, though, that a refurbished Kindle Fire is more or less the same Kindle Fire that you would buy used -- just in an open box, and costing you substantially fewer of your hard-earned dollars.

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